IWCS Workshop: Language and Ontologies 2015

Submission Requirements

Article should be a maximum of 6 pages long with an additional page allowed for references. Articles should be anonymised and each article will be reviewed by 3 reviewers. The accepted articles will be part of the conference proceedings and will be published in an electronic form in the ACL Anthology.

Papers should be electronically submited in a PDF format via START. The deadline for submission is 4th January 2015. Please submit your papers here:

LaTeX Submissions

Users of LaTeX should use documentclass article with the options a4paper and 11pt, using the packages times and geometry to set font and margins. For citations please use the natbib package with chicago.bst as bibliography style. See below for an example LaTeX file:


            \usepackage{graphicx}  %%% for including graphics
            \usepackage{url}       %%% for including URLs

            \title{Example Paper for IWCS}

            \author{Example Author\\
            \and Someone Else\\
            Another Affiliation\\


            Your abstract ...